Adriano Ficarelli hosts samples of my journey and experiments with sound, electronic music and samples, poetry and web technology, and also points to my photography website,

I am a composer, not a musician, composer in several fields. I studied arts and electronics but worked as a software analyst and engineer all my professional life at computer manufactures. With my art and technical skills I set up my studios, calling then ASPEHDERA Studios, a strong meaningless word that stands for my weird work.

My first attempt to register my musical ideas was between 1989-1991, in Brazil, with a little 4 tracks cassette Fostex, a little Yamaha keyboard/synth, mixer and mike, and a really cheap electric guitar. I was so hungry to play, it was the most creative era for me when I composed more than 30 songs, recorded mostly on the first take. Really bad quality of recording but more than 30 ideas of songs and arrangements to start.

In 1993, after 2 years in USA, I started a new studio that lasted until 2000 just before I moved definitely to USA. Then with better equipments, computer daw, I revisited some of my songs and could make my first home CD selecting my best recording at the time. It was when I started to acquire and master knowledge in SysEx and Midi, the numeric conversation between music electronic instruments and devices.

Living in USA from 2000 I could build a complete digital studio with a amazing sound quality. As my budget was always short for my expensive hobby, I decided to invest on practical equipments, some vintages, but together and until today they work just fine for my needs, everything Midi interconnected and all audio digital.

In the 70's, while more involved with art, I was a street photographer and also loved to draw but unfortunately all my work was lost due to weather conditions. During all this journey I wrote my philosophical thoughts as poetry and in 2013 I published a compilation in a book named Batatas e Champignons. I learned that my greatest accomplishment was the encouragement and collaborations to whom I was involved with during these years.

Since 2014 I am on photography again after a long long gap, so please visit my photography website:

Visit, the painter and decorator Bernardino Ficarelli website, my grandfather.